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Jesus vs. Gustav

American church girds for battle with massive hurricane due to hit Cuba, Gulf Coast.

Update: Saturday, Aug. 30, 2008, 8:30 a.m.

Christian disaster outreach ministries by the dozens are girding for battle with Hurricane Gustav. This storm already taken the lives of 80 people.

Here's what the Voice of America reports:

The U.S. National Weather Service says hurricane Gustav has increased in intensity, with winds reaching 180 kilometers per hour as it crosses the Caribbean towards Cuba. More than 80 deaths in Haiti, the Dominican Republic and Jamaica have been attributed to Gustav, which is now being called a "major hurricane." It is expected to hit western Cuba Saturday, and is heading toward the southern United States, including New Orleans, which was devastated by hurricane Katrina exactly three years ago.

Don't think that hitting Cuba won't hit the church. The Cuban charismatic movement seems to be evident in every nook and cranny of Cuba. In fact, I had lunch last week with a Christian leader involved in minisry on Castro's domain. And, he told me that Christianity in Cuba ...

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