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An Obama administration, in the eyes of Focus on the Family Action

Focus on the Family Action posted a pretend letter in which a writer signed "A Christian from 2012" looks back on a Barack Obama administration in 2012, including terrorists attacks on four U.S. cities.

The letter proposes these scenarios:

-The Supreme Court would lean liberal

-Churches that refuse to perform same-sex marriages would lose their tax-exempt status

-"under God" in the Pledge would be declared unconstitutional

-Doctors and nurses who won't perform abortions will no longer be able to deliver babies

-Pornography would be openly displayed on newsstands

-Inner-city crime increases when gun ownership is restricted

-Homeschooling would become restricted, so thousands of homeschooling parents emigrate to other countries such as Australia and New Zealand.

-"Since 2009, terrorist bombs have exploded in two large and two small U.S. cities, killing hundreds, and the entire country is fearful, for no place seems safe."

-Euthanasia is becoming more and more common.

-New carbon emission standards ...

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