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Most Read Liveblog Posts of 2008

Here are the posts readers clicked on the most.

Liveblog provides quite the mix of news, with Christianity Today editors posting what they find relevant or interesting for the day. It's also interesting to watch what you click into and decide to comment on.

We posted the top 10 CT politics blog posts. Here are the top read Liveblog posts for 2008:

1. Ray Boltz Comes Out

By Mark Moring

2. Dawkins Crashes 'Expelled' Party

Noted Darwinist shows up at screening of Intelligent Design documentary.

By Mark Moring

3. Donald Miller to Give DNC Benediction

The author will replace Relevant founder Cameron Strang, who pulled out of the prayer earlier.

By Sarah Pulliam

4. Obama Cites Sermon on the Mount for his Support of Civil Unions

"If people find that controversial then I would just refer them to the Sermon on the Mount, which I think is, in my mind, for my faith, more central than an obscure passage in Romans."

By Sarah Pulliam

5. Fire Destroys Westmont College Buildings

No one is injured, but at least eight college buildings were destroyed.

By Sarah Pulliam

6. Ike Doesn't Take a Hike

Christian ministries in position for relief after Ike makes landfall.

By Timothy C. Morgan

7. Olympians to Watch

At least 12 confessing Christians are likely to win in Beijing.

By Susan Wunderink

8. Diocese Threatens to Suspend J.I. Packer

Observers: It's not a surprise, but it's news.

By Ted Olsen

9. Tornado Strikes Union University

Students trapped in dorms at Tennessee school

By David Neff

10. Johnny Hunt Wins SBC Presidency

Atlanta-area megachurch pastor wins on first ballot.

By Ted Olsen

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