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China's Anti-Christian Edict

Politburo campaign puts house-church leaders at greater risk.

The announcement by China Aid.org that the Chinese Politburo had decided to unleash a major new assault on China's house-church community was broadly publicized after the original press release in early December.

But the organization also paid a heavy price.

Its own website was brought down by a concerted attack of hackers within hours of the December 1 starting date of the new Politburo-organized campaign. Within three and a half days, skillful Internet repair operators have restored the China Aid website to normal.

China Aid says it believes the Chinese government might well have been behind the website attack because hundreds of thousands of different computers have to be commanded to overload a website before an attack can be successful, and only a government-sized agency could mobilize such an attack, says a China Aid officer.

A China Aid representative also said that he had heard reports coming from China of close surveillance and investigation of a few Chinese Christian leaders in ...

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