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How Evangelical Relief Agencies Are Reaching Haiti

Groups continue to work on the ground.

First, their plane could not land in Port-au-Prince; they rerouted to the north part of Haiti. Then their first vehicle broke down. Twenty-four hours after landing, Dr. Dan Diamond's team reached the UN field hospital – and found no operating room.

We started out by going to the UN field hospital to tell them that we thought we had a workable solution for the lack of operating rooms.... Without functioning operating rooms many of these people will be dead in a matter of days. Tomorrow we are going to do what we can to get ours open at King's Hospital.

Diamond, a volunteer with Medical Teams International, coordinated medical emergency response in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. He blogs from Haiti about the challenges of bringing aid to a land in chaos.

"We are not here for the dead, but for the living"

Duane Zook's audio report for Global Aid Network as he walks around Port-au-Prince describes the death and destruction, but he says, "We are here not for the dead, but for the living." ...

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