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Living in the Midst of Death

Aid workers are rush to rescue while others are being rescued.

Aid worker in Haiti paying a cost

Christina Belsford, 25, of Phoenix may carry with her much more than memories from her time in Haiti, the Philadelphia Inquirerreports. She may lose a leg. But she owes her life to the people she came to serve – two Haitians dug Belsford from beneath a collapsed building in Fayet, outside of Port-au-Prince, where she and her brother, Julian, 27, were working with Heads Together on education and environmental issues. Christina was evacuated to Miami. Julian remained in Haiti to help. In a September 2, 2009 post to his blog, Julian wrote:

There are a great many of us who have great hopes for Haiti and willing to put our energy behind those hopes. As we do this, I'd like us to think always about how we can accomplish the very most, how we can create friendship and love and concrete gains through our work, and to avoid feeding conflict by focusing on who we can blame, who we dislike, who we can pick a fight with. We'll always be capable of picking a fight, but ...
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