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'The Most Informative Episode to Date'

Chris Seay weighs in on the meaning of Tuesday's LOST episode, "Ab Aeterno"

Chris Seay, author of The Gospel According to Lost, chimes in on the developments in Tuesday's episode of LOST, "Ab Aeterno." (SPOILERS AHEAD) Seay calls it "the most informative LOST episode to date," recounting the history of Richard Alpert – who he was pre-island, how he got to the island, and how he became involved in the ongoing psychological/spiritual battle between Jacob and The Man in Black, whom Seay is convinced represents Esau. Seay notes that at one point, Richard was reading Luke 4 in prison, where Jesus is tempted in the wilderness; Richard later comes to the island and faces his own temptations and tests in the wilderness, including this promise from The Man in Black: "You can have it all, even get Isabella back." And lots more. Check out Chris's comments here:

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