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'Say the Man's Name, for God's Sake!'

Chris Seay weighs in on Tuesday's LOST episode, "Across the Sea"

Chris Seay, author of The Gospel According to Lost, chimes in on the developments in Tuesday's episode of LOST, "Across the Sea." (SPOILERS AHEAD) All along, Seay has believed that the Man in Black represents Esau of the Old Testament, and Seay, like many viewers, was itching to hear the guy's name in Tuesday night's back story, especially as we learned that MIB is actually Jacob's twin brother. But NEVER was he called by name in Tuesday's episode, "my greatest frustration," says Seay. "He was just, 'Hey you.' Say the man's name, for God's sake!" Seay also noted that some LOST fans are getting frustrated over a lack of answers, especially with just a couple episodes remaining. But as Seay reminds us, "This is life, and this is faith. Life doesn't give us all the answers. It's like Paul said: There are things I know, the rest I see through a dim glass." Watch Seay's vlog below for the rest of his insights.

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