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The Difference Between Michele Bachmann's and Rick Perry’s Liberty University Pitches

An analysis from someone inside the university.

Two presidential contenders took up Liberty University's standing offer to all 2012 candidates to address students at the school's thrice-weekly convocations. Michele Bachmann spoke yesterday in Liberty's 10,000-seat Vines Center, following an appearance by Rick Perry on September 14.   

Bachmann's closest aide is reportedly Brett O'Donnell, the former coach of Liberty's championship debate team, a fact that may have helped her to outshine her contender between the appearances.

Perry seemed less at home than Bachmann in speaking before a college audience, admitting that he had to look up the word "convocation" before coming, and a pun he made on the word fell flat.

Bachmann was introduced by Chancellor Jerry Falwell, Jr., as a "constitutional conservative" committed to "bold reforms" in fighting the "evils of big government," as well as a "defender of the unborn" and a "deeply committed Christian." Falwell also noted her role as the first woman elected to Congress in Minnesota.

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