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NYC pastors hold prayer rally to protest ouster from housing authority space


Today, pastors in New York City will be holding a prayer rally at 12 noon (EST) to protest the new ban on local church use of Housing Authority buildings. The rally will occur about the same time that NYC Mayor Bloomberg will be giving his annual State of the City address.

Mac Pier of the NY Leadership Center writes on www.nycreligion.org

The current city policy and supportive court ruling that will result in the eviction of churches from public school space is both terribly short sighted and devastating to communities in the long term. Not only will agents of community renewal be removed from needy neighborhoods, an unfortunate acrimony will settle in between city governance and local church generosity. The enormous challenges of our city will only deepen and prevent thousands of our citizens from being uplifted above their current despair.

For the full op-ed, click here.

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