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Rick Warren Hopes to Leave Hospital After Three Days of Tests

Saddleback Church pastor awaiting test results for arm pain and numbness.

Megachurch pastor Rick Warren, hospitalized on Tuesday after experiencing pain in both his arms and numbness in all his fingers, tweeted early this morning that he only has one more hospital test before he can go home.

The Saddleback Church leader has been undergoing a series of tests to determine the cause of the pain, preliminarily diagnosed as an inner ear virus, according to a church-wide email he sent from his hospital bed (posted below). "But that's just a guess until they do a full day of tests," wrote Warren.

Yesterday, he humorously tweeted, "Hospitalized for past 2 days for #heart and #brain evaluation. Tests confirm that contrary to skeptics, I do have both."

CT has previously profiled Warren in a cover story and interviewed him about politics and the economy.

The full text of Warren's email:

September 25, 2012

Dear Saddleback Family,

Last night I started experiencing pain down both my arms and numbness in all my fingers, so I decided to have it checked out at a hospital. Currently, the doctor's diagnostic guess is that an inner ear virus I picked up last week may have spread to the nerves in my neck and radiated down my arms. But that's just a guess until they do a full day of tests. This means they're keeping me at the hospital today and overnight, which means NO Vision Night this week.

I'm disappointed by this delay since I am super excited about what I have to share at Vision Night. But I learned a long time ago to always go with the flow and trust God when plans get messed up. His timing is always best.

As some of you know, I wasn't feeling well last weekend. So pray for a quick and accurate diagnosis, a fast remedy, and stayed tuned for an updated schedule of when we'll be holding the vision nights!

From this comfortable hospital bed . . . I love you all. Thanks for your prayers!

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