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'Mystery Resolved' of Theology Book that N. T. Wright Didn't Write

Yesterday's kerfuffle over Breaking Beautiful explained.

The theology blogosphere was abuzz yesterday over rumors that an upcoming paperback by prominent theologian N.T. Wright was a "forgery." However, the concerns that Australian theologian Michael Bird expressed about Breaking Beautiful: The Promise of Truth in a Fractured World (the book page has since been pulled down) proved to be only partially correct.

Bird pronounced what he termed "Wrightgate" after discovering that the Amazon.com blurb for the 160-page book, originally slated for a July 1 release, said "Celebrated theologian N.T. Wright partners with Tim Suttle to discuss how Christ, as the fulfillment of God's promise, has become the source by which we perform truth in the world." (Suttle is a Kansas pastor and blogger.)

Yet Bird corresponded with Wright, with whom he is working on a forthcoming book project, and said the noted theologian denied any knowledge of Breaking Beautiful.

"He was mystified when I mentioned the book to him since he's never heard of it before, nor does he recollect ...

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