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The Supreme Court Leak Was an Unplanned Complication for Pregnancy Centers
Caught in a national firestorm, Christian groups focus on local needs of women preparing for babies.
Billionaire Who Invested ‘According to the Word of God’ Charged with Multibillion-Dollar Fraud
Bill Hwang is at the center of what white-collar crime experts see as Wall Street’s biggest indictment since Bernie Madoff.
Pysanky and Prayer: US Churches Use Ukrainian Easter Eggs for Solidarity
Though American churches are trying out the art of making pysanka, Ukrainian Christians say it is not a religious tradition.
Russian American Pastors Combat Propaganda in Their Churches
Tensions are surfacing among Slavic communities in the US, which have ties to both sides of the war in Ukraine.
Ukrainian American Churches Deploy Praise as a Weapon
Evangelical Ukrainian churches in the home of the largest Ukrainian population in the United States wept and prayed Sunday. Having escaped persecution in the Soviet Union themselves, they already have testimonies of God’s faithfulness. 
Christian College Reverts to Bible Degrees After Deep Cuts
In financial trouble, Lincoln Christian University goes back to its roots as a Bible college, dropping most undergraduate majors, athletics, and residential life.
The Big Quit Hits Homeless Ministries
They never stopped serving on the frontlines, but now short-staffed nonprofits are struggling to compete with flexible, virtual work that took off during the pandemic.
Super Bowl Betting Is a $7.6 Billion Problem Fewer Evangelicals Care About
As society doubles down on online sports gambling, older activists see a chance to renew the Christian conscience around the practice.