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Although few look forward to them, business meetings are necessary for the ministry of any church. At such meetings, pastors are hired, budgets adopted, building programs started, and officers elected.

Because church business meetings are so important, they must be conducted in conformity with church and state regulations, according to Church Business Report (Nov. 1977). If you act illegally, every decision at a business meeting may be invalid and could subject you to a lawsuit.

Courts have pointed out the following danger areas for churches: 1. Only a person with authority can call a meeting. A layperson cannot call meetings unless statutes or rules provide for it. If this happens, any action taken at that meeting is void. 2. Church rules regarding the type of notice to be given to the congregation about meetings must be followed closely. Be sure, then, to always hold the meeting at the specified time and location. The minority of the congregation acting in accord with church rules may ...

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