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Making or Breaking the Pastoral Image

One wag, an Episcopalian, observed that on the question of authority, Roman Catholics point to the Pope, Protestants to the Bible, and Episcopalians to the previous rector. When it comes to people's expectations of the pastor's job description, lifestyle, and even personality, every congregation is shaped by the previous pastor, plus TV evangelists, memories of childhood ministers, radio preachers, and . . .

What elements make up the pastoral image? Which expectations do you live up to? Which must you live down?

To discuss these questions, LEADERSHIP editors Marshall Shelley and Terry Muck went to Milwaukee to meet with three pastoral couples:

-Stuart and Jill Briscoe, who serve Elmbrook Church in suburban Waukesha.

-Michael and Bonnie Halcomb, who minister at Mayflower Congregational Church of Milwaukee.

-William and Paula Otto, who serve Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church in north suburban Mequon.

Leadership: How much should you live up to the congregation's image of "the pastor," and how much ...

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