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In an age of Velcro, brewed decaf, and microwave popcorn, everyone is affected by change. Hundreds of thousands of people changed jobs this year. Some forty million changed addresses (including the Shelleys).

Not long ago the LEADERSHIP staff was musing about changes in church life.

"Yeah, church camps used to be tent frames and army cots," said Jim Berkley. "Now they're air-conditioned retreat centers."

Kevin Miller and Larry Weeden immediately contributed a list of what's "out" and what's "in." Trips to the Holy Land, for instance, are out; Christian cruises are in.

Also out: guitars, "facilitating," and mega-anything. The in list featured electronic keyboards, "taking charge," and power-anything.

"And before long," Kevin predicted, we'll probably see HONK IF YOU LOVE JESUS changed to HONK IF YOU LOVE JESUS . . . AND DISCLOSE YOUR FINANCIAL STATEMENTS.

Amid the laughter, I began reflecting on our ambivalent feelings toward change.

All the church leaders I know consider themselves flexible, ...

From Issue:Fall 1987: Change
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