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Speaking to the Secular Mind

What does it take to preach convincingly to today's non-Christians?

A pastor told LEADERSHIP recently, "The people I'm preaching to are increasingly secular. I can't assume they have a Christian world view." Said another, "I mentioned a Bible reference during my sermon, and after the service, a woman who was visiting asked me, 'What did you mean when you said those numbers?' "

Today, the non-Christian who visits a church may find the Christian message utterly foreign. Even those who attend church these days are often influenced far less by Paul and Barnabas than by Cagney and Lacey. How can pastors effectively communicate the gospel to these un-churched people of the late twentieth century?

For the past thirteen years, Bill Hybels has served as pastor of Willow Creek Community Church in suburban Chicago, a ministry structured to reach contemporary un-churched people. In this article, he explains some of the lessons he's learned about preaching to the secular mind.

Driving home from church the other day, I pulled behind a guy on his Harley-Davidson. I noticed ...

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