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The nature of ministry itself can be a frustration: Even if there were no interruptions, you would never be done at the end of a day. When you work with people, when can you say, "Well, that person's mature in Christ, so now I can move on to something else"?

As Presbyterian pastor Ben Haden has said, "If you're conscientious in ministry, you never get a day's work done. You always see more needs at the end of a day than you recognized at the beginning."

Knowing this, many pastors have learned to compensate with the completable. Rick McKinniss, pastor of Kensington (Connecticut) Baptist Church, for instance, says, "I get great satisfaction out of mowing the lawn now. And I'm a lot more interested in gardening than I ever thought I would be. I love doing these things because I can see something finished, finally accomplished-done!-and I can go on to something else.

"At my previous church, we converted a storage room into a Sunday school classroom. I'd go three times a week just to watch it ...

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