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"Don't worry," said the smiling computer sales-man. "We provide training. I live near your church. I'll be over in a few days to see how you're doing."

He wasn't. In a few days we weren't doing anything.

If you thought "bundling" was an Amish premarital activity, you were wrong; it's a computer industry sales technique. By including "free" programs with the computer, the manufacturer makes the whole package look like the greatest bargain since Moses got ten commandments for the price of one. But it helps if the programs work. It took us most of a week just to make the working copies of the disks that came with the little monster.

The first great communications revolution followed the invention of the printing press. The first thing they printed was the Bible. The second communications revolution was due to the computer, but the first things computed were missile trajectories. You call that progress? You think that's "user friendly"?

Here I was, the proprietor of a machine Megatrends promised ...

From Issue:Winter 1988: Sex
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