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8 Steps To Transform A Commitee

Here are eight areas a church must address to transform committees into caring communities. I'd start with the governing board and then apply the steps to each committee.

1. Deciding who serves. It's a bad idea to put old Joe on your elder board because he needs to get more involved, or let Gertrude chair the deaconesses because her family makes hefty financial contributions.

Choosing leaders already involved in ministry is one clear biblical priority. When deciding who serves is based on commitment to ministry, faith, a clear job description, and an understanding of what really needs to be done, a committee structure can become a support base and a network of mission communities.

2. Recruiting honestly. I know a college board member who was recruited under the premise: "It won't take any of your time; you don't even have to come to meetings. We're just proud to have you on our board." What kind of quality can you expect from a board with that view of itself?

An executive I know accepted a ...

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