When Should Newcomers Become Leaders?

How to pace leadership development.

WANTED: Gifted, responsible, and enthusiastic church volunteer for leadership position. Must be motivated and committed. Tither preferred. Many openings. Available immediately.

How many pastors, without a touch of guilt, have dreamed of trading half their congregation for just one or two people with the above qualifications?

Probably most of us. Then again, we often wonder if our church already has leaders hidden among its newest members. If so, how do we find them?

On the one hand, we can push new members too hard and scare them off, or worse, we can give them too much responsibility too soon and create a situation where they fail, to the church's and their own detriment.

On the other hand, we can be too slow in giving positions of leadership and thus squander a valuable resource. When and how much do we give new members significant responsibility?

At Suffern Alliance Church, which we launched three years ago, almost everyone is either a new convert or a young-in-the-faith Christian who ...

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