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Where do pastors turn when they need pastoral care, specialized counseling, or simply a safe place to talk? LEADERSHIP asked counselors Wes and Judy Roberts to list existing ministries they knew of. While not a complete list (we'll try to offer an expanded list in the future), this is a starting place. You'll want to inquire about theological orientation, educational qualifications, counseling approach, and other issues prior to deciding which resource best meets any specific need.

It almost always begins with a phone call, often late at night.

"Have I reached the ministry that helps pastors in trouble?"


"Sorry to be calling so late. I just finished talking to my cousin in Arizona. He said you've been supportive of his pastor and church there. He asked me to call you now. I'm at the end of my rope."

With that he broke down and cried.

"I came home from our church board meeting tonight to find my wife gone. She left a note on our bed saying she couldn't take the pressures of the ministry ...

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