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Total attendance at U.S. worship services in 1993: 5.6 billion. Total attendance at U.S. professional baseball, football, and basketball games combined: 103 million (less than 2 percent of the worship attendance)

Americans' 1992 religious giving: $56.7 billion. Amount spent in 1992 on professional baseball, football, and basketball: 4 billion (7 percent of amount for religious causes)

Americans believed to have a sexually transmitted disease other than AIDS: 1 in 5

Percentage of Americans who say religion is "very important" to them: . Who said the same in 1987: 53

Percentage of Men's Health readers who have had sex with a coworker: 68

Percentage of churched youth claiming a personal commitment to Christ: 86. Percentage of churched youth who admitted watching an X-rated movie within the past 3 months: 16

Ratio of American children who sleep in homes where their fathers do not live: 1:2

Americans now alive who will one day be murdered: 2,000,000

Percentage of adult deaths in the U.S. caused by ...

From Issue:Fall 1994: Intimacy With God
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