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"Ambition in Ministry" by Robert Schnase Abingdon, $11.95 Reviewed by Dave Wilkinson, pastor, Moorpark Presbyterian Church, Moorpark, California.

"I came across a new book," said Ed, looking straight at me, "that would be good for our pastor's group to read and discuss. It's called Ambition in Ministry."

Everyone in my accountability group nodded. Why does he want us to read a book about ambition? I wondered. How does he know about my secret desires?

Then I read the book and discovered Ed knew my inner thoughts because he is a pastor and, like me, has an itch for recognition, advancement, and power. So does Robert Schnase, pastor of First United Methodist Church in McAllen, Texas, and author of "Ambition in Ministry."

Schnase confesses this book grew partly out of his own needs.

"I wrestle with these issues as do all conscientious pastors," he writes. "This is my attempt to sort out for myself all of the influences upon me, and the motivations within me, and to reflect on the ...

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