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There's a lot more money to be made on Wall Street. If you want real power, go to Washington. If you want sex, go into the fashion business. But if you want the whole poison cocktail in one glass--go to Hollywood.

--Actor Alec Baldwin

The only effective response to our nation's crime problem is spiritual revival.

--N. Lee Cooper, president-elect of the American Bar Association

Cynicism has gone too far. We are becoming what the history books tell us late Rome was like: mired in decadent self-absorption and lacking virtue.

--Movie director Oliver Stone

The answer [to television] is not censorship, but more citizenship in the corporate boardroom and more active families who will turn off the trash, boycott the sponsors, and tell the executives that you hold them personally responsible for making money from glorifying violence and human degradation.

--Senator Bill Bradley


The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn't being said.

--Peter Drucker

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