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Percentage of women who attended a religious service in the past week: 46

Percentage of men: 38

(Gallup Poll, cited in Christianity Today, 2/6/95.)

Percentage of Americans who believe God hears their prayers and has the power to answer them: 86

(Barna Associates, cited in National & International Religion Report, 3/6/95.)


Percentage of high school seniors who say they've tried illegal drugs: 45

(Rolling Stone, 1/26/95.)

Percentage of graduating high school seniors who said their generation will be remembered for advancements in technology: 20

For diversity/open-mindedness: 16

For social concerns: 14

(Yankelovich Partners for the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation, cited in USA Today, 6/8/95.)

Percentage jump in murder rate of young men 15 to 19 years old from 1985 to 1991: 154

(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, cited in The New York Times, 10/14/95.)


Number of years until there may be no cases of polio or measles in the world: 10

(UNICEF's "The Progress of Nations, 1995," cited ...

From Issue:Fall 1995: Biblical Preaching
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