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Who Cares for Pastor's

It's now called, simply, "The LEADERSHIP List." Published regularly in the journal, it is a guide to ministries serving pastors and Christian leaders (and their spouses, churches, and denominational structures).

The services vary, as do costs, but the commitment to helping church leaders is unswerving. You'll want to inquire about theological orientation, counseling approach, and other issues before deciding which resource best meets the need.Ashram of the Almighty

Bob and Phyllis Heneghan

P.O. Box 1196

Buena Vista, CO 81211


Ashram is a word from India meaning "hermitage" or retreat for making disciples. This is a place where pastors can be alone with God in quiet, contemplative prayer and worship, to find strength for life and ministry.

Barnabas Ministries

Dick and Dee Sochacki

39391 Roslyn Drive

Sterling Heights, MI 48313


Barnabas Ministries offers encouragement to wounded, discharged, burned-out, and sinning church leaders, especially in independent and nondenominational ...

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