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Most churches hold classes or counseling for pre-marital couples. At Church of the Open Door in Crystal, Minnesota, young-adult pastor Todd Bullock decided to hold a six-week course for couples before they got engaged.

 The class, "Before You Say 'I Might,'" helps couples sort fantasies from facts about marriage. Couples come with questions like: How do I select a mate? How do I know if this is the right person?

 The weekly sessions begin with a get-acquainted game and move into an hour of teaching on expectations, communication, conflict, sex, or spirituality.

 The teaching time is followed by an hour of small-group discussion. Each class is limited to twelve couples, who then form groups of three to four couples with a married couple as facilitator.

 Assignments are to read Neil Warren's "Finding the Love of Your Life" (Focus on the Family) and complete Jerry D. Harden and Dianne C. Sloan's workbook, "Getting Ready for Marriage" (Thomas Nelson).

 About 30 percent ...

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