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FRIENDS TO DIE for (p. 22)

In this interview, two pastors and a Christian musician-Scotty Smith, Scott Roley, and Michael Card-talk candidly about how they found accountability in the midst of friendship.

Have you ever had conflict?

Scott Roley: Back in 1990, I wanted to go to some event that would have brought me into contact with a relationship from my past, and it was clearly wrong for me to go. So I hid my idea of going. But it came up in a conversation with Scotty. Scotty told Michael, and they both said, "You're not going to this event."

Michael Card: Often, my motivation for not deceiving these guys is not personal righteousness; it's because I don't want to be caught by Scotty or Scott. They're the two guys I respect most in the world, the two people I ...

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