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Number of Americans infected with HIV who do not know they are infected: 500,000


Percentage of violent college campus crime that is alcohol-related: 95


Americans who attend church in one week:102 million

Americans who attend professional baseball, basketball, and football games in one year: 94 million


In 1975, cuddly poodles were the most popular purebred dog in America, with 139,750 registered. There were only 952 registered Rottweilers, a fierce breed often used as a guard dog.

By 1994, the poodle population had been cut in half to 61,775, while Rottweilers had increased 100 times to 102,596.


Top four responses by U.S. adults when asked what they most felt guilty about

Nothing in particular 34%

Having/spending too much money  15%

Taking poor care of their health 12%

Not spending time with friends/family  12%


Percentage of Americans who consistently exceed the speed limit: 76

Percentage who have called in sick to get a day off: 58.4


Number of meals served ...

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From Issue:Winter 1996: Expectations
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