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Ideas that Work

Roses for new believers

We put a white silk rose on our Communion table when someone comes to faith in Christ through one of our ministries or members. (The new Christian doesn't have to attend our church.)

We print the details in the bulletin and explain during the announcements how it happened. We hang a banner of a cross covered with white roses close to the Communion table, and I quote Goethe: "There the cross stands, thickly wreathed in roses. Who put the roses on the cross?"

On occasion, we've listed all the converts represented by white roses in the past year. We've also presented roses to our evangelism committee chair.

White roses have been the best incentive to personal evangelism at the church. Members are excited about the stories of conversion and now say, "I think I have a white-rose story." Last year we had 64 roses.

Telephone evangelism

Using a recorded telephone message, our church found an inexpensive way to evangelize.

The Dial Hope phone message includes a Scripture ...

From Issue:Spring 1997: Spiritual Care
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