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For Heaven's Sake

Our church believes in planning with purpose. From my evaluation of our programming, it seems our two primary purposes are eating and talking. We even offer coffee and doughnuts at our morning services.

All these "eating meetings" sometimes make me wonder if perhaps we're wasting God's time. After all, we're noshing, not praying or reaching the lost. I'm often tempted not to bother with meetings featuring "food, fun, and fellowship."

So I went reluctantly to the latest invention of the women's committee, a sort of "Chinese Chit-Chat," since we'd be eating Chinese take-out and chattering over chopsticks. The menu included egg rolls, moo shu chicken, chow mein, and German chocolate cake (the Chinese having not discovered chocolate). Ever mindful of the Lord's decree, "My house shall be called a house of prayer," we blessed the meal.

After the chow mein chow-down, an ice-breaker game was introduced. We were to write a secret no one knew about us.

This stumped me. I'm described ...

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