Roadkill on the Information Highway

For years, I resisted the popular theory that a computer would make me more productive. Finally, I capitulated, creeping into the slow lane of the information highway like a blue-hair in a lumbering land yacht. Let me tell you, it's a dangerous place to be.

Right after getting a new computer, I finished my sermon by 5 p.m. on Thursday-as rare a phenomenon as a Super Bowl win for the afc. I actually had all day Friday and most of Saturday to unwind, recharge, and fix the leaky sink in the bathroom.

Friday morning, I glanced over my manuscript after a leisurely breakfast and found a typographical error. No problemo. I popped the top of my laptop and fixed it on the spot. Three hours later I was still fixing it.

Saturday morning-same thing. I decided to change one illustration-just a bit. I put everything away at noon, but after supper that evening, I was at it again, confident I was painting the final strokes of a homiletical masterpiece.

It was pitiful. I tweaked the life right out ...

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From Issue:Spring 1997: Spiritual Care
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