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9 Changes in Church Staffs

Lyle Schaller on what's shifting—and why

1}From full-time ordained generalist to full-time and part-time lay specialists

The old formula called for one full-time, ordained minister for every 200 worshipers. The new model calls for one ordained minister for every 350 to 500 worshipers. The gap is bridged by both full-time and part-time lay specialists.

2}From roles to relationships

The world of the 1950s asked, "What do you do?" Today's world asks, "What are the needs we must address?" For example, the youth pastor is being replaced with the "minister of families that include teenagers."

3}From credentials to character, competence, and call

Today's committees evaluate staff candidates with different criteria.

4}From men to men and women

This change is particularly seen in program positions in larger congregations.

5} From seminary's emphases to people's needs

The old staff model reflected what the professional school taught—preaching pastor, director ...

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