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The Restroom Driven Church

If I were constructing a new church building, I'd start with the restroom. Then, if any money was left, I'd add the auditorium and classrooms.

Why? The restroom is the one space everybody uses. Not everyone visits the kitchen or nursery, but sooner or later, they all pass through the narrow gate of the necessary room.

That's important because not only does the restroom make an impression on visitors, it is the key place for discipleship training. In my experience, restrooms build character in four ways.


"Small" seems to be the number-one requirement for church restrooms. Never mind that 300 to 400 people have five minutes between Sunday school and worship in which to refresh themselves. They will just have to learn to be quick.

Have you ever been in a church of 400 that has a men's room with capacity for only three at a time? You find men milling about, not far from the door, pretending to fellowship. But they're really just watching the rest-room door.

It seems like no one ever ...

From Issue:Fall 1998: Energy & Joy
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