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A study by Leadership Journal found that 79 percent of pastors who used conflict-mediation consultants found them "very helpful" or "somewhat helpful."

But most wished they had called for help sooner.

To help pastors and churches find that help, Leadership asked conflict mediator Marlin Thomas to list consultants who:

  1. Are Christian and church-focused
  2. Have training in congregational conflict resolution
  3. Belong to professional organizations or associations
  4. Offer letters of reference.

Most of the agencies have multiple consultants and offer training in conflict mediation or related topics.

Alban Institute, Inc.
Alda Whitt
7315 Wisconsin Ave., Ste. 1250W
Bethesda, MD 20814-3211
301-718-4407, ext. 229
Fax: 301-718-1958
Approach: Uses approaches from mediation, family systems, organizational development, and human relations theory—plus Alban's own methodology developed by senior consultant Speed Leas.

Bridge Builder Peter L. Steinke P.O. Box ...

From Issue:Spring 1998: Conflict
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