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Praying a Psalm

Good Shepherd, we are like sheep, easily frightened. We want to see that you are beside us, leading us in the right paths; but our eyes cannot turn away from our broken bodies, broken families, and broken dreams. But today we have enough faith to believe, at least, that we are your sheep. So to you we cry out, asking you to restore our souls.

Find all in your sanctuary today who are passing through the dark valley of grief. We pray for the Smith family who has just placed their father, John, in your arms. Comfort them in their sorrows, bring them to the still waters of peace, and renew their belief in the joy of dwelling in the house of the Lord forever.

May your Spirit anoint all who are sick, especially those who are in the hospital today: Jane Williams, Charles Miller, and young Teddy McBride. Heal that which is broken; cleanse that which is diseased out of the bounty of your goodness and mercy that follows us all the days of our lives.

When we lift our eyes beyond our own needs and ...

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