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Pastor, I'm Offended

I was shutting down my computer and heading to bed when the phone rang.

"I hate to tell you this." I recognized the voice of our head elder. "Mary is not happy with our decision to deny her homeschoolers group time to give out awards during Sunday morning worship. She is offended."

My stomach tightened. It was happening again: another person offended. I had nothing to say. "Oh well," I mumbled.

I got little sleep that night, possible solutions tossing and turning in my head.

I hate offending anyone. It doesn't fit my character. I long to see people happy. No one warned me that by becoming a pastor I would be a stone in others' shoes. But after ten years in ministry, I am accepting the fact that my calling requires me to offend some people.

I'm a repeat offender

During my first year as a pastor, I called on a church member. A neighbor stopped in and joined our conversation. Soon the man was spicing his sentences with every swear word I had heard during four years in the Air Force.

Not wanting ...

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