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Pastor's Web site links cinema to Christ

Billy Graham challenged attenders at his San Jose crusade to use the Internet for evangelism. So David Bruce started Hollywood Jesus, a Web site that appeals to pop culture through reviews of current and classic films and videos (www.hollywoodjesus.com).

Bruce, who pastors a church in Patterson, California, is on a Net mission. "Just like a missionary who goes to a nation where a people group has never heard about Jesus Christ, I learn the language of the people. Movies are a common language around the world.

"I use them to tell the story of Jesus Christ. And every review on the site includes a link to the gospel message."

His approach is popular. The site has registered 3 million hits since March 1998. More than 800 other sites now link to it.

"If I can get someone to look at three of my reviews on Hollywood Jesus, they will never see a movie in the same way again. I had an 18-year-old girl walk up to me in church ...

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