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Growing Edge

Advanced Strategic Planning by Aubrey Malphurs (Baker, 1999)

One Size Doesn't Fit All by Gary L. McIntosh (Revell, 1999)

If you want to grow a garden where I live in Arizona, you're in for a major construction project. Preparing the soil here means creating it. Enter the jackhammer, soil conditioner, and planned plant mortality rates.

Aubrey Malphurs and Gary McIntosh each offer helpful works for those aiming at green ministry in dry and misinformed times.

Many, when asked "So did you think you could just wow 'em with your personality, throw some seed at the ground, and raise a bumper crop?" would have to answer "Yup!" It doesn't work that way.

Malphurs and McIntosh call us to that aspect of ministry most difficult for lovers of spiritual beauty: planning. Those wanting the "buy-plant-enjoy" church model should give each of these a read, especially if current efforts appear wilted or brown.

The authors share common convictions regarding what's needed to grow ministry: an indigenous plan and ...

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