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Sometimes you just can't find the right word, so you have to create one.

My daughter's high school English teacher was looking for a word that encompassed "huge" and "gigantic" with the added sense of enormous, sweeping scope. So he coined "hugantic" (pronounced hew-jan-tic).

Now that's BIG.

We faced a similar dilemma finding a name for this issue's theme. How do you describe the assignment of today's preacher, to communicate an ancient-future message that God is, God loves, and God can be known. And further, that God is currently at work, as he has been since the world began, to redeem good out of evil, to transform self-centered people into saints who fully engage life in the present but are never satisfied with simply an earthbound worldview, because they know that eternal glory is the reason they exist.

And that's just the message. The other half of the assignment is to spread that good news, embodied in the person of Jesus Christ, to listeners who are ever-changing. To a world ever more ...

From Issue:Winter 2000: Wordcasting
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