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Can Christians Pray for Every U.S. Home in 2000?

"Lighthouse" tenders beckon pastors' commitment.

One of the big hurdles American Christians have had in sharing the gospel is that confrontation is not the right place to start a relationship," says Glenn Barth of Mission America. His cross-denominational organization points to prayer as the first step toward presenting the faith. And they want every person in the U.S. to hear the gospel this year.

Mission America is a coalition of 80 denominational leaders and 300 parachurch representatives working under the banner "Celebrate Jesus 2000." One phase of the campaign is the distribution of Bibles, already under way in many states. Another phase is "Lighthouses of Prayer." The strategy is to secure a commitment from one family on each block and commission that family to work their network of neighbors and friends. Barth says the approach is simple: prayer, care, share.

"There's a question I've never gotten a 'no' to: 'Can I pray for that?' ...

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