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Okay, Start with an Easy One

Patrick O'Boyle recalls the late-1940s Hyde Park "Speakers' Corner" appearances of Frank Sheed, the Catholic author and publisher:

"Sheed could be devastating with hecklers. Once, after he had described the extraordinary order and design to be seen in the universe, a persistent challenger retorted by pointing to all the world's ills, and ended shouting, 'I could make a better universe than your God!' 'I won't ask you to make a universe,' Sheed replied. 'But would you make a rabbit—just to establish confidence?'"

Jesus the Translator

In Just Like Jesus, Max Lucado writes: There were a few occasions in Brazil when I served as a translator for an English speaker. He stood before the audience, complete with the message. I stood at his side, equipped with the language. My job was to convey his story to the listeners.

I did my best to allow his words to come through me. I was not at liberty to embellish or subtract. When the speaker gestured, I gestured. As ...

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