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There's Powerpoint in the Blood

It's Wednesday and I'm still not laughing.

On Sunday our computer crashed between the PowerPoint presentation of our church news and the SongShow Plus worship music. Our worship team had sung two songs before the laptop was up and running. The congregation was unsure of the words and wondering why we would sing a song called "Windows 95."

Who would've imagined we'd become so tied to technology? I thought. I remember when crashing your hard drive and losing your sermon notes on Sunday morning was the stuff of LEADERSHIP cartoons. Now, computers play a serious and ever-increasing role in my ministry, especially in my preaching.

Thou anointest my laptop?

I can hear the skeptics: "God won't send his anointing through a Pentium processor." Something so blatantly material seems unspiritual. If I become too consumed with my PowerPoint, might I miss God's power?

Yes, it's true. Computers can impoverish my soul while improving my image.

I must remind myself: new software will not help me preach with ...

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