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Worship Music: The Latest Research

8 years of studies show blended music is winning the worship war.

A lot of attention has been given to the rise of contemporary worship music in the church over the past decade. However, according to the latest Your Church poll in an 8-year series of surveys the biggest change in church worship music is not the switch to contemporary music, but the incorporation of contemporary music into traditional services. The predominant worship style in U.S. churches is now a blend of traditional and contemporary worship music as shown here:

Church Worship Music Style

Blending Takes The Lead

In 1993, traditional music was the primary style found in American church worship services. Half of all churches classified themselves as traditional just eight years ago. Today 43 percent of church worship services are a combination of traditional and contemporary music (from three-quarters traditional music to three-quarters contemporary music). Only a third (35%) of churches say the vast majority of their worship music is traditional. The remaining fifth (22%) primarily utilize ...

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