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How to Overcome Overload

As we slipped into the booth for lunch, the young pastor of a growing Gen-X ministry dumped his frustration. "I don't know what's wrong with me. I feel buried by all the stuff of ministry. I went into ministry to teach the Word—that's my passion—but I'm not getting to my sermon prep until Friday at best, sometimes Saturday. I never seem to have time to plan ahead, meet with my key leaders, or envision our next steps."

God was blessing this man's efforts, but he was frustrated, not fulfilled. His Sundays were exciting, but Monday through Friday quickly filled with appointments, counseling sessions, phone calls, and administration. His inbox overflowed with e-mail and voice mail, some from fans and others from critics. His week flew by before he knew what had happened.

He could tell it also frustrated his wife. She was committed to their ministry, but the routine was growing old. They both began to wonder, Is this the way ministry will be for the rest of our lives? Could we find a way to juggle ...

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