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Why are porn sites so popular? Well, aside from the inherent appeal to all ESPN viewers, porn sites know a few things about human psychology (and anatomy, too, I guess).

The Internet was built for speed and accessibility. Speed can be addictive and very powerful if used effectively. Porn sites give users quick hits (please insert pun here). They collapse the amount of time between encounters with the ladies. If you don't like the blonde, then a brunette is just a click away.

Satan uses speed every day to addict men and women around the world to the darker side of sexuality. Satan also uses accessibility every day to lure people away from righteousness. Satan and his cronies give Internet users quick access to something they want.

We all know that postmoderns want spiritual stuff, so why is it that churches don't give them quick access to God? I believe the modern church has decidedly made God inaccessible, especially to postmoderns.

What do I mean?

Well, take for instance the postmoderns' oft-repeated ...

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