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Pastoring Up: Investing in Those Over You

When I interviewed for my last position, I was told I would work with three senior pastors in three years. The pastor in place had already announced his retirement. I would have eight months with him, then up to two years with the interim before the new senior pastor arrived.

Five years later, the fact that I was still at that church, still had all my limbs and a vibrant sense of call is due to one thing—God's amazing grace.

Grace for me has come in discovering how I can shape my relationship with my head of staff. Supervisors long for good relationships with associates they can trust. Here's what I've learned.

Take The Initiative

My biggest surprise has been in how much meaningful conversation I've been able to initiate. Breakfast and lunch invitations resulted in significant discussions. I shared with the pastor dreams and goals. And I listened to his hopes for our church. The important thing is that at first we simply spent time seeking to understand.

Offer Private Prayer

It's a real ...

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