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Beyond IQ: 7 Quotients for Leaders

As a spiritual leader, you're in the people business. Your job is to build big people who in turn build strong organizations. Strong means more than size; it means high quality, health, and vitality. Spiritual leaders, far more than their non- spiritual counterparts, elevate the development of people over the building of organizations, knowing that when they take care of the part, the whole will be healthy. Failing to develop the part, the whole stands less of a chance of being productive over the long haul. Keeping that in the forefront of your thinking and planning becomes a challenge; the natural leader part of you will want to elevate the organization over the individual.

Matching people to roles according to their gifts is essential. The purpose of an organization is to maximize the strengths of people and minimize their weaknesses. By harnessing the abilities and talents of people, you'll create a synergistic effect. An effective leader is a matchmaker who marries people and roles. ...

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