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Pomo Ponderings

10 Questions about Postmodern Ministry

Some of you may have feared for my safety, since I wrote "A Postmodern Rant" and then attended the Emergent Convention, the party for all things pomo. Despite Chris Seay's dire prediction, I came back tattoo-free, enjoyed many hallway conversations (thanks, Jim, Doug, Mary, Ray, Spencer, et al.), and gained greater understanding of postmodern ministry.

I also came home with more questions—which, in the postmodern world, means the convention was a success. Here are 10 points I'm pondering.

1. Hispanics and African-Americans tell me: "I have been a born-again Christian (of the Pentecostal type) for 18 years and thought I was pretty well informed on things. However, I had never heard of 'post modern' until I attended an Hispanic Baptist Convention in San Antonio, Texas on Feb. 3 [2003]" and "I am African-American and I read Christian literature, periodicals, etc., daily and I had never heard of 'postmodernism' until I read Kevin Miller's article. This must be primarily a Caucasian or ...

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